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    HP - Hong Kong, did not make any firesale announcement on their website. Anyone who somehow managed to get through to them on their jammed switchboards was asked to check status on their facebook page. (I have a copy of an HP Hong Kong employee confirming this by email as well but I do not want to upload it as I don't want this HP-PSG employee who is probably already fearful of his/her job to get into trouble over this.)

    So last evening HP made an announcement on FB that the firesale would be effective from 9:00am 25 Aug to 9:00pm 26 Aug. Only 16 GB TP's were going to be available for HK$ 780 (about US$100). What was strange was the fact that the firesale was going to be handled by a practically unknown third party reseller. Apparently these guys offer special deals on anything from soaps, shampoos, bath n body care, cleansing milk, face masks, lipsticks, Iphone and Ipad cases and accessories of course HP TOUCHPADS!! (See attached snapshot from "Official" HP TP reseller's website.)

    Only online orders were going to be accepted by this "Official" HP reseller and there would be no delivery arrangements. Buyers would have to make an appearance at the offices of this unknown company to pick up their confirmed orders in person.

    The website of this third party reseller is only in Chinese. A click on the English language tab took you to a sister website in Australia offering a completely different range of lipsticks, lollipops, laptops and some other assorted goodies but of course no TP's.

    It was as expected, impossible to access this website and after a thousand odd screen refreshes the few who managed to get a TP into their shopping carts realised that prior to check out one had to go through a multi-step click through to first register as a user on this website. After registering you had to re-login with your password and start the process from scratch because the item(s) selected in your cart prior to registration were long gone.

    The 36 hour sale was supposed to start at 9am today and three hours later at 12 noon a notice was put on their TP product page stating item out of stock. (Copy of website snapshot showing item OOS is attached.)

    By late afternoon TP's magically made an appearance as being in stock at a dozen other reseller sites at price equivalents of (US)$300-350. The whole thing was a b.l.o.o.d.y farce. For all practical purposes this whole sale was rigged either with or without compliance of HP Hong Kong.

    I took a decision last night that I will just not participate in this circus as it did not smell right from the very beginning. I was just frustrated that I was not being allowed to directly purchase or reserve a product I had shown an intention to purchase from the day it was announced by HP. But I have a few friends in Hong Kong who spent futile hours today trying to land a unit and the general consensus was that HP just pulled a fast one on them.

    If there is even an atom of truth in this then, SHAME ON YOU HP for allowing blatant profiteering at the cost of your genuine and loyal product users. And if this rigged sale has been done in compliance with HP Hong Kong (or some of its employees) then they should be hauled up for fraud.
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    Snapshot of HP Hong Kong's official liquidator of TP stocks:

    Interesting choice!!

    Snapshot from this reseller's website announcing TP's OOS in a few hours after the firesale was announced.
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