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    Good Morning,
    I finally got a firesale Touchpad and set up my gmail account on it. I can receive emails, but I cannot send anything out. The message just gets stuck in an outbox loop and I continually get messages that say I should check my google username and password.

    I've deleted and re-added the google account.
    I've changed the port to 465(I believe I'm remembering the correct one) with SSL and 25 with SSL off.

    Any ideas? I use google for EVERYTHING!

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    Well, SSL needs to be ON, however, when I set up my GMail account on my Touchpad, I just entered the email address and password, and it did the rest for me.
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    Are you using 2-step verification for google login? I know I had an issue with this before and I had to specifically insert a new generated code for the password for the outbox...
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    I can vouch I had a similar problem and come to think of it, feel like it may have happened one time when I got a replacement Pre. And it was also with a Gmail account.

    I rebooted, the TouchPad and my email was sent almost as quickly as I could get the email app open. I went to check the Outbox and it was gone. Went to check the Inbox of what I sent it to and voila, it had arrived.
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    reboot, and dont add gmail manually, do automatic gmail.
    If this helped you hit thanks.

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