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    You all know (or you'll learn) that without all this bright and loyal community of developers a lot of things will be missing from WebOS.

    So DONATE, you use PayPal, takes 1 minute and you help out a guy who's helping you out without charging a fee.

    Preware is awesome. The Cydia of WebOS for all you newbies.
    There some patches I use (need) on a everyday basis.
    I'm locked out of the App Catalog, so Impostah helped me out a great deal P.S. a page with the app IDs would be awesome
    Internalz Pro makes everything related to files easy and it also works for installing .ipk files
    freeTether is a must, the name says it all.
    MojoTracker is simple, yet cool and helpful for the ability to save tracks

    And so many others!
    Go ahead and
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    What if you get that preware documentation thing in the app store?
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    We have an official donation event taking place right now which will help several developers.

    If you haven't checked it out, please do so here
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    Quote Originally Posted by beardedspoooon View Post
    What if you get that preware documentation thing in the app store?
    Keep in mind that app is from only 1 of the homebrew developers. If ya like/use other homebrew apps, ya may wanna consider donating to those devs specifically

    Also, it looks like the Internalz Pro donation link is broken. For that, you can use the donate link in my signature
    If you've liked my software, please consider to towards future development.

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