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    Curious if there's any way to save a hard copy of a website I'm viewing for later offline browsing. I have tried the offline browser and that sortof works, but it grabs a new copy of the website in question. I'd like something that can save what I'm looking at in the browser (including any edit's I've made to the form).

    Just looking for a "save page" option or something along those lines.
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    If a screen capture image suits your purpose. Press and hold the "Center Button" and then press the "Power Button" and view in the Photos & Videos program.
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    There is an app that allows offline web browsing by saving a particular site onto the HD, I can't for the life of me remember what it was called or whether it was part of the regular App Catalog or Preware. I'm sure someone else will be able to help... but if not I'll let you know this evening.
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    There is definitely one in preware. Just search "offline" in it. I havnt tried it yet though.
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    There's an app called Paper Mache or something that does this.
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    Tasogare is right, that's the app I had in the back of my mind!

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