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    I was trolling craigslist tonite, just to see what people are reselling them for and I found this little nugget.

    "Good news for all buyers
    HP website will start this Friday for touchpad so ready your paypal,password for HP login
    To speedup the process cause u all know server will be slow jam.
    Be ready u all
    P/s price on craiglist will die down soon so be aware when u make a deal.
    Good luck and happy buying"

    Can anyone confirm this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preluva View Post
    I was trolling craigslist tonite...
    Why were you trolling Craigslist earlier? And are you trolling precentral forums now?
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    Haha very funny! :P
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    FWIW...I have a friend who works at best buy, they got 30 in today and said they are expecting another shipment to be for sale on friday as well.

    Considering HP's website says "coming soon" instead of out of stock, I'm guessing we'll see some more. Don't know why OnSale didnt get any to fill their messed up orders though.
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