So I lucked out earlier, was in a Best Buy (119th and 35) while 120 Touchpads were rolled in. I called a friend and we were able to each get a 16 and 32 GB. I talked to people in line and it sounds like the Best Buy on Metcalf "might" have a shipment available Friday morning at open. Another guy told me that the Best Buy on Quivira "might" be getting a shipment Thursday around 4pm.

I checked at Quivira and they had gotten a shipment of a 100+ on Wednesday night, so not sure if they will actually get more. A guy at the Metcalf store did say there is a possible shipment on Thursday evening that would be available Friday morning, but they won't know until the truck arrives if the touchpads are on it. Go in and talk to the guys, if you are nice they will tell you what they know.

I really lucked out, thought I would give it one more shot and then happened to walk in and see the darn things being rolled out. Good luck to the rest of you out there who are still trying to get one, don't give up.