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    I'm looking to access photo's, music, video's, ... from my Acer H340 home network server that runs WHS. If possible I would like it as simple as possible, hopefull by downloading an app. I'm not very experienced in coding and such.

    Thanks in advance
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    Search for something like WebOS and Samba-- my understanding is that some of the overclock kernels support mounting a remote directory, at which point Kalemsoft should be able to see it.

    Kalemsoft themselves apparently tried this, and while it's not as simple as an app, it should do what you want, and you can always run the kernel at the stock speed.
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    you have to use SAMBA? We can't just have a network browse like ASTRO (from android)?
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    There are a couple of threads about how to get CIFS shares mounted on your TP. It's a bit of a pain. The main problem is that you can not mount this share to the /media/internal directory, which is where apps like Kalem are looking. I am guessing this is a FAT32 filesystem and Linux doesn't allow you to mount network shares onto a FAT filesystem. You can mount a network share to some place like /mnt/net or similar, but apps aren't set up to look there. However, the free touchplayer is using the same file manager code as Internalz, so it can play media mounted from /mnt. It would be cool if an updated version of Kalemsoft allowed you to look outside the /media/internal space.

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