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    I want a data plan
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    Pick up a wifi hotspot.
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    Put a wifi router app on your smart phone that will share your phone's data with the touchpad via wifi. Alternatively, if your phone doesn't do wifi maybe it is possible to share the internet connection through bluetooth. Even the cheapest 3G phones with bluetooth can do this. I haven't tested yet whether the touchpad can share internet that way, but the wifi way definitely works.

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    agreed. a hotspot is your only option. don't expect it to be cheap either.

    You gotta be careful running hotspots on your phone though. if you're on ATT or Verizon they might start to throttle you or even request you to upgrade your data plan. Luckily I'm on Sprint and they don't really care...yet. Stupid iPhone 5...
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    no one had gotten BT to work yet with tethering the TP yet. lets hope for a patch
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    Depends where you are - if you are in the UK and have an update android handset, simply tether it to that via wifi - depending on your network, they might ask you you pay more. I'm with three and they have never said anything to me.
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    I'm in Australia on Telstra prepaid 3G network. $10 buys 200mb data. No difference in cost for using it through another device. It amazes me how many people fork out for 3G USB modems and pay for a separate sim and data plan, not even knowing their existing phone could do the exact same thing.
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    Get a Palm Pixi Plus!! LOVE my FREE hotspot feature!!
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    If you're in the USA, Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go MiFi works well and has great coverage. I have a "dumb" phone and only want to pay for a data plan when I need it.
    Broadband2Go - 3G Mobile Broadband Service | Virgin Mobile
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    freetether on my pre2
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    Mobile Hotspot comes as standard on the Pre3.
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    my touchpad does not recognize mobile my android mobile hotspot. anyone has a clue why?
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    WiFi with the iphone 4 works very well. Actually seems faster than using it with my iPad2. Unfortunately no bluetooth connection possible but maybe in the future?

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