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    I have an original Pre and just opened up my new TouchPad. It asked me if I wanted to restore my Pre during the setup and I had no clue what to answer, so I skipped it. Now I can get back to that screen!

    Any tips?

    Also...if I enter an appointment on my Pre calendar will it show up on my TouchPad and visa versa?? I use primarily use Google calendar.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

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    Can't get back to restore Pre screen! Sorry!

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    start over ...wipe touch pad clean option under restore options. profile should think it a new device. i havent had to do this...but seems logical. hope it helps. my touchpad got loaded with many of my pre apps although they weren't optimized for TP...
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    If you really want to get back to that screen, use one of the Reset Options from within the Device Info app (like Erase Apps & Data). After it finishes, you'll be back to the initial setup, starting with the Language choice, then you can sign back in and restore using your Pre as a source.

    The appointments will sync between your devices and the cloud, so yes, assuming you signed into the same Google account, appointments typed in on your Pre that get synced to Google Calendar will come back down to your TouchPad.

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