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    Yep, it's a new 64gb White Wi-Fi Hp TouchPad.
    Just got it today. Here's some pictures I took to compare with the black version which I have as well.
    Hope they load okay on the site...

    Just sure luck I guess.
    I ordered it and paid full price for it but didn't know if it would be delivered and it showed up today.
    Woohoo, now I can get to rockin' all my movie transfers.
    Course, I'm still going to be a bit short on the flash drive space

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    congratz on snagging that white elephant!

    Just a little jealous, as I've been trying to get ahold of one myself.
    I see pandas.
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    wow I'm sooooooooo jealous
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    Very cool, but at full price, I'll take the 16GB for $99. If it were between that and $199 for the 64GB with extra speed, I probably would still stick with the 16GB.
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    Very nice

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    where did you get it? Does it have a 3g radio?
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    I wonder if you can buyouts the back cover? From the places that sell tablet parts
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    1. Nice!
    2. Where did you get it?
    -- Bring back DateBk!!

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    Very nice indeed! Lucky you but I am not jealous of the price . I am not a big fan of the black front case, and would have liked the white touchpad to be all white, but it also differentiates the white touchpad from the white ipad.
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    its like a giant veer! nice. congrats!
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    see if the will price match it down to 250 or something
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Nice, this sure looks a whole lot better than the white ipad 2!
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    You're the man now, dog!
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    Blasphemous webOS fan, using Android (with a big phone buying problem)
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    I'm eagerly awaiting mine that I ordered yesterday for 250, and wish I was getting mine tomorrow like one person is that was one of the first to put in an order of the 200 they were selling
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    Well cool! I was called a troll, a liar, and a few other things last night for just mentioning that I might get one of these.

    Nice to see it really is real.

    Congrats on your find.
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    I think you are the first confirmed owner of a panda pad.
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    Very nice. Congrats!
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