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    For some reason, I do not have access to any of my Amazon order history.

    Important Message
    We're sorry. We're temporarily unable to display all your orders below. Rest assured, we're working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly. If you don't see the order you're looking for, please wait a few minutes, then visit this page again.

    I've been a customer there for years and am still disappointing in their refusal to price match. Maybe they have taken order history offline so they can do some proactive price matching? *holds breath*
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    I just tried to check my orders and have the same message. It probably had nothing to do with Touchpads, but it does give some hope. I've been waiting for them to do the right thing, but if they don't by tomorrow, I think I'll spend all night on the phone and online chat with them until I get a refund.
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    Well, I have 2 Amazon accounts, one where I purchased the Touchpad and one where I didn't. They are both unable to show my orders, so I am doubtful that a price fix is occurring.

    However, I was given a credit today! Here is the e-mail I sent as a follow-up to another e-mail and phone call (which did not get anywhere). I got a credit of $300, which is better than nothing!


    I am contacting you about the recent price adjustment made by HP regarding the HP Touchpad. According to a statement released by HP, all resellers are being asked to make the price adjustment to their customers for products purchased at the original retail price.

    I pre-ordered, and then received the 16 gb Touchpad in early July for the sale price of $499. I have contacted Amazon in attempt to receive this credit, but have been asked to return the product for a full refund. It is my intention to keep the Touchpad, as I am happy with it, but I would like to take advantage of the price-matching credit that was announced by HP.

    I have used Amazon to buy and sell products for almost 10 years, through this and my older account ( I really value the relationship that I have had with Amazon and I have always been pleased with my experiences with customer service. I am hoping that you will be able to help me with this situation in the same way that Amazon has been able to accommodate others who have requested help on this matter.

    Thank you for your time and assistance,

    Then from Amazon...


    We do consistently work toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we
    carry. Because the marketplace is constantly changing and we strive to offer the
    lowest price, you'll see some fluctuations in our prices over time.

    We're aware of this price difference and we have decided to honor the price
    difference only to the orders that are placed on or after August 12, 2011.

    Under the circumstances, I'll make an exception for you and issue a refund for
    the price difference in the amount of $300.00 You should see the refund in the
    next 2-3 business days."

    Good luck!
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    I'm just hoping they are taking them all down so they can apply some sort of function that searches them for TouchPad orders placed before the firesale so that CSRs can review them and apply credits.
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    What did you use for issue details?
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    I talked to them on the phone on Sunday morning. As soon as they denied me a price match refund I started looking for a firesale touchpad. Amazon said they'd give me a full refund so I snagged a 32g touchpad from onsale and will return my 16g to amazon for a full refund.
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    I think I just used "Returns and Refunds" and then "Other Return and Refund Issue".
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    Thanks. Maybe 4th time's a charm...
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    Wait, so how long ago did you buy your TPs? Because if you bought it (as I'm guessing yours didn't) before August 12, Amazon will provide a refund of the difference.
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    I have been trying to get price match for a while I called 3 times and emailed 2 times! on my last call I even CRIED (for real) not boo hoo just a wimper. I told him all this back and forth is emotional, pre ordered and LOVE my TP I have a skin and a screen protector that I paid 40 bucks for, why do I have to return it?!? He said they cant do the price difference. UGH! He said if anything changed he would email me. sounds promising, but I havent heard from him yet............
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    I bought mine July 2.
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    Pre ordered mine June 19th, but didnt get it until July 1st
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    Got mine on July 5th, but ordered on June 28th. They haven't even returned their stock from the full refund returns to HP yet. They're obviously holding on to it for some reason (more conspiracy theory!)
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    I was about to do a chat and the wait is 27 min.. whats going on???
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    mine was a launch day device. Ordered July 1st received July 4th.
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    Im chatting now, dosnt look good...
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    Mukul:I understand your concern Beckey, however we have certain limits and restrictions. To compensate the orders placed before August 12, we have extended the return window. The return window expires 30 days after the item is shipped.

    Me:But Amazon has made exceptions for others
    Best buy and neweeg have done the right thing by keeping their long term customers happy, not just the ones who are buying now because it is on sale so cheap

    Mukul:I am sorry Beckey, we can not make an exception at this moment, we have certain terms and conditions.

    Me:WOW (Im mad, can you tell?)

    Mukul:I understand your concern Beckey, however we can not make any exception with price match. If you wish, you can call us and speak to one of our supervisor.

    Me:I will, thanks

    Mukul:You're Welcome, Is there anything else I can assist you with?

    Me:nope, just want the price adjustment...

    Mukul:Please return the item and you can place a new order as the item price may drop on Amazon as well.

    So What now??? Wait or Return? I have a skin and a screen protector on this one I will be out another 40bucks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeckeyJane View Post
    So What now??? Wait or Return? I have a skin and a screen protector on this one I will be out another 40bucks...
    I was thinking of calling the president's office. That's always fun to do. At this point, it would be really nice if HP stepped in and I'm kind of surprised they haven't said anything about it. Maybe there's just not enough of us having problems. Either way, I got bored last night and made a script to total my Amazon purchases over the years... I should stop buying from them just because of the amount I saw. Sure does add up rather fast over all those years.

    Other than that, I think Amazon got tired of talking to me already, they haven't even sent me an automatic response to my last email.

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