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    Just curious how many of us left there are. I ordered one on through OnSale, and it got cancelled. Hulk mad, hulk smash! It seems like a lot of people on this board have succeeded.
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    Still waiting on HP and OfficeDepot. OnSale-Amazon cancelled today.
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    OnSale canceled my order. I think the only hope we have is
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    Micro Center order canceled. Ordered from OnSale via Amazon - Canceled today.

    Looking for 32GB but would take 16GB ....
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    same here
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    present and thoroughly frustrated i've now had two online orders cancelled and driven more than 300 miles to different BB ....... about to give up..... gonna try hitting up the BB even earlier tomorrow morning then if that doesn't work i'm probably tapping out and moving on with normal life. This is stressing me out more than school lol
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    onsale cancelled local best buy is supposto be getting some tomorrow
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    I am still trying to find one for dev purposes. I'd love to port Dealert and PowerNap over to Touchpad, but without a real device, I simply can't.
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    Onsale cancelled mine today and i am livid about it because they still have my money after 4 days in limbo!

    But im not giving up!
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    So far, I've been:

    • OnSale'd
    • Barnes & Noble'd
    • InSighte'd
    • CDW'd

    All five canceled after receiving confirmation emails.
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    Had two canceled on me....frustrated the heck out of me. Especially since the HP one was because my shipping address and billing address didn't match so they flagged it as a follow up...and then gave away my TP. Barnes and Noble was the other culprit. Been to about six brick and mortars.....VERY frustrated.

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    still looking . like everyone else my online orders have fallen through. i haven't given up hope, i would pay up to $170 for a 16gb.
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    Got cancelled too!!! So frustrated!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Eagle View Post
    So far, I've been:

    • OnSale'd
    • Barnes & Noble'd
    • InSighte'd
    • CDW'd

    All five canceled after receiving confirmation emails.
    Wow. You have some luck.

    Ok, nobody hit up any BBs with Double Eagle.
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    I'm here. I got BBY'd and B&N'd
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    Cancelled today as well...and have been to every BestBuy in ATL since EARLYYYYY Saturday morning...u know how much gas I have burned??? Lol
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    still waiting on pcmallgov. status pending for the last 2 days.
    and b& canceled....

    now whens the next firesale supposed to be???
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    present and patient.....sort of. i've driven around to the Best Buys in the area and am hoping to snag one early tomorrow morning (cross my fingers) or catch one online with HP. Otherwise i'm bailingn on the touchpad and stickin with my Plus.
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    @ananniia: there are too many rumors to be sure, some say HP will do theirs on monday, some say Best Buy will get shipments still

    On a side note, i hate reading stories of people who bought 7 or 10 + just because they could! And then theres us…
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