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    I haven't been able to place an online order and no luck locally either. I just want one.
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    i'm yet to get one!!!

    Amazon cancelled on me too!!! Was naive to think it would come through, considering the state of everything at the mo!!!

    hopefully friday *finger crossed* it will change!!
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    I'd like 32GB to replace my July 1st Amazon one so I can return it, and one 16GB (or another 32GB) for my wife and child.
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    Yeah, I got cancelled from Amazon, as well
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    still trying and looking. B&N order was cancelled.
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    Still trying. Barnes and Noble cancelled my order, even though a ship date came up in their automated system earlier in the day. Then they sent me a marketing e-mail highlighting the Nook Color within less time than it took for them to send the cancellation notice to me. I never created an account, and had never ordered online from B&N before. Still looking, but hope has dimmed to almost nothing.
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    Guy in front of me got the last two at Staples. Have had no luck finding a website to buy from before they sell out . I hate seeing people ask soo much for them on Craigslist/Ebay. I'd pay $150 max for a 16GB and people are selling them for $300. Oh well...I hope the second fire sale is true, I keep refreshing, lol.
  8. glh
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    waiting on HP
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    I ordered one one ebay but the ***** selling it refused my payment. So I'm looking again.
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    still trying...
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    Me too.
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    Barnes & Noble cancelled on me. Before that I tried to order on a dozen sites, called all stores within 30 miles that might have had them n stock, but no luck. I did manage to register at HP to be notified if they came back in stock.
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    I'm waiting for HP to get some more too, thats my next best bet I think after being screwed by onsale.
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    Been canceled by amazon, tried several others, been to several stores, watched people walk out with them and leave none for us... I'm a dev and would like one to develop with and my brother wants one too. Don't even care about the capacity though I'd like 1 16 and 1 32 if I have a choice.
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    ...both locally and online.
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    I called up one of the local best buys, and went, "Now please don't be too annoyed with me....but I am indeed calling about the HP Touchpad." The woman laughed and said, "Thanks for that."

    They didn't have any, though.
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    Still stuck in "Item processing" hell here. Not much more of Thursday left.....
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    2 cancellations from CDW and Micro Center. Then was first in line at BB Saturday morning 10am only to be told they were not selling them. Finding out later they sold them later in the afternoon while I was at a wedding. I was at Office Depot that morning too and have been to several other BB, Office Max, Radio Shack. Nothing has turned up at all. Went from not really being able to justifying the cost, to not being able to find one in a matter of hours. Pretty disappointed!
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    still trying here. Had one canceled via HP and one from CDW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I'd like 32GB to replace my July 1st Amazon one so I can return it, and one 16GB (or another 32GB) for my wife and child.
    Hey, if you're going to trade your wife and child for a TouchPad, you might as well hold out for the 32 GB model...
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