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    Ordered on onSale and got cancelled. Hoping that some hit the local BestBuy.
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    It's hard to coordinate from Serbia actions of my friend in Pasadena ( 9hrs time difference) . No wonder I didn't have luck jet.
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    Here we go... Here's all the BestBuy, OfficeMax, RadioShack, etc employees that bought the Touchpads for themselves. Fkn d-bags!

    hawaii all for sale / wanted classifieds "Hp touchpad" - craigslist

    I have not gotten one either.
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    As soon as B&N cancelled, I bought an Iconia from B&H, who still has the $100 gift card deal going. Still wouldn't mond having a TP, too, though.

    I can't believe how much time I've spent on finding a stupid tablet. I decided to just get one and stop obessing, and get on with life.
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    I had my Barnes&Nobel order cancelled on me. I'm now trying to decide if I would wait to see if online stores get more stock, if I should just get one on ebay for ~$250, or if I should just forget about it.
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    OnSale-Amazon cancelled today. , but it looks like I may get one from Best Buy.
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    Seems as if I'm going to throw in the towel. Such a shame.
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    Just had my Insight order cancelled, HP Small business is still in Limbo, but it doesn't look promising.

    I'm done with all the fun (#$%@!!), hope I don't get one now, RIP WebOS.
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    Yes, I have a problem...
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    I have to go to Best Buy today anyway so I am going to check one last time while I am there. If not, then I just won't worry about it and will wait until another manufacturer picks up the torch before I continue development.
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    2 orders cancelled at Barnes & Noble
    1 order cancelled at Erwin
    1 pending (doubtful) at
    1 pending (doubtful) at
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    Nope, Staples have cancelled my order, apparently you could buy for 2 hours after they had sold out and they couldn't stop it.
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    3 orders cancelled by onsale, was 1 person off getting one from best buy after waiting 3~ hours when a huge woman behind me who didn't even know what a touchpad was reached over my head and grabbed the last voucher ahead of me. I got nothing.
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    No luck for me. Screwed by Barnes & Noble.

    Was in Best Buy yesterday and the sales guy actually mentioned that the staff were picking them up for their "spouses". Definitely an inside job on distributing these.
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    My son needs a 16GB TouchPad for the upcoming school year.
    Our TouchPad order was cancelled by Amazon/OnSale yesterday and TPs are "Sold Out" everywhere.

    So, we are asking anyone that owns several 16GB TouchPads if they can sell us one TP for our son.
    - Peace
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    I'm in the UK and haven't managed to get one yet
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    I need a 32g to replace my amazon one. I need a 16g for my wife
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    No joy yet
    One possible, but unlikely potential PM though
    My published and impending WebOS apps -
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    My order is somewhere in limbo. Ordered from HP SMB 8/20 bout 330pm.
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    BestBuy'd x2
    Amazon OnSale'd x1
    When I bought my Maemo-linux powered N900, its future was doomed.
    When I bought my WebOS powered Touchpad, its future was uncertain.
    IAmA multitasking necrophile!
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    Well, apparently one of our Best Buy stores had them but they sold out due to a line being outside the door this morning... interesting since as of last night they didn't have any. I'm guessing employees told friends/relatives and no one else.

    I'm happy for everybody that was able to get a touchpad. Hell, I am glad for you if you were able to get one for every family member that you wanted. The people that annoy me are those that bought just to resell. I wish HP would have put a limit of 2 per person per day. They would have still sold out but a lot more people would have been able to get a touchpad.
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