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    I'm another OnSale/Amazon casualty.
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    Honestly, at this point the frustration of trying to get a Touchpad is outweighing the benefit of having a Touchpad.

    A few weeks ago, I spent about 6 hours going between stores trying to get them to price-match a $299 Touchpad based on the Staples coupon deal. This never panned out, and so I eventually gave up.

    Skipping to just a few days ago, when I first heard about the firesale, I went to Wal-mart, Meijer, Target, Radio Shack, Office Depot, Staples, and Best Buy. All of these places were sold out, except for Best Buy, where an employee said that they were shipping remaining inventory back to HP.

    The next morning I read that Best Buy was going to be selling its remaining inventory. While in line at Best Buy (before it opened on Sunday), I found out that about an hour after I had left Best Buy the day before, the company had reversed its decision to ship back its inventory to HP. That night 30 more were sold. The next morning, I was person 26 of 72 in line. A worker came out several times, and each time the worker told us they had 100 Touchpads to be sold.

    In the few minutes before the store opened, about 4 people cut line (one guy let his wife in line, etc). This ended up making me number 31 in an eventual line of about 84. At the time, there was no way to know if the people who cut were going to actually try to buy one as well, so I didn't think it wise to start a fight on the matter given that we had been told that EVERYONE in line was getting one.

    Just a while later, BB opened up, and the line was let in. When we got in the store, we were told that they only had about 30 Touchpads in stock (apparently the person who had been coming out before was referencing a count number that included accessories).

    So, I stayed in line on the hope that a single person who cut line wouldn't also be buying one (with the line as it was, I wasn't confident enough to say that person X or Y had definitely cut, and as such, should not be sold one). I waited from 10:30 am to 11:30 am, to be told that I was the first person in the line who wasn't going to get one.

    Later on Sunday evening, my brother called me and told me about the onSale situation with Amazon. I hopped online and ordered one after about 30 seconds of making sure the deal seemed legit. Over the next few days, I knew what was coming thanks to posts on this forum. Like many other people, even though I bought a Touchpad that was "in stock", my order status simply sat at "Shipping Soon".

    Skip to just a few hours ago, and Amazon sent me an email saying that my order had indeed been cancelled. However, my credit card still lists $155 dollars on hold for a product that I have been told I am not getting.

    The onSale situation is stupid to say the least. While I can appreciate that this was sort of an unprecedented and unplanned situation, it still ticks me off that onSale/Amazon waited 72 hours to cancel my order, and have yet to clear the hold from my card. I get that the initial issue was servers being swamped, but I see no reason why it took them 72 hours to notify me that I wouldn't be getting a Touchpad. Like many others, I could have spent that time LOOKING for a Touchpad had I known I wasn't going to get one via that route.

    Quite frankly, I am so perturbed about this fiasco that I have gone past infuriated, all the way back around to calm again. The inner kid in me wants to kick and cuss and call workers names and berate people who didn't know what they were talking about....but honestly, what would it get me?

    To be honest, the only thing I am taking from this experience is that from now on, I will never let a person cut in line...ever. I am going to start recording videos of store lines on my phone if I ever find myself waiting in one again. That is what ticks me off the most I think...once again, cheaters prosper. Oh well. I hope everyone who gets a Touchpad enjoys it. No reason to rain on the parades of others!
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    Night of Futureshop sale, purchased a Touchpad to be picked up in-store the next day.

    Drove up on opening, huge line, not a single one in stock, all given to the employees of the store.

    Ordered 4 off HP small business site, all cancelled.

    Ordered 2 off Barnes and Noble, cancelled.

    Ordered 2 off amazon, cancelled.

    Ordered 2 off AIC, who knows, seems scammy

    Ordered 1 off a Canadian site (something direct), says that they are honoring sales, but new touchpads arriving in september 14th...we will see.

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    I git my orders canceled :-( I went crazy and tried many places.
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    I've been waiting on since monday. Ordered when they had stock (according to their site).

    Since Tuesday mu order status "Commande en prprpr$paration$&$quot$; $with$ $the$ $detail$ &$quot$;$Votre$ $article$ $est$ $actuellement$ $en$ $cours$ $de$ $pr$$paration$. $Un$ $mail$ $vous$ $confirmera$ $tr$$s$ $prochainement$ $son$ $exp$$dition$.&$quot$;

    Somehow, I doubt I'm getting it by now.
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    I got one off OnSale and should have one coming from HP Small Business late this week or sometime next week that Ill give to a friend or family member.

    By the way I put it side to side with the the iPad I already have and the difference between whites is very stark.. iPad looks very nice clean white, Touchpad has a distinctly warm/yellow tint that just doesn't look as nice even though its not a huge deal. Thats normal right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiawap View Post
    Honestly, at this point the frustration of trying to get a Touchpad is outweighing the benefit of having a Touchpad. ... Oh well. I hope everyone who gets a Touchpad enjoys it. No reason to rain on the parades of others!
    I can assure you that you aren't alone. I went from interested in the Touchpad because I owned and loved an original Pre (before it died, RIP) and always wanted another WebOS device. When this deal hit it was a no-brainer to try and get one!

    I was on trying to order as the site crashed again.. and again.. and again. I stayed up waiting for Office Depot to put the new prices live so I could order it with "store pickup" and gave up at 2:30am... it went live at 3:30am Central. Then B&N, cancelled. HP? Cancelled. Insight? Cancelled.

    Now if we want one we have to play "Guess what Best Buy will have them and when" which I don't have time to do. Plus I really don't care anymore to be honest, well enough to spend about 10 hours waiting at stores hoping a shipment shows up.

    I am just going to keep up on Twitter and wait until I see rumblings that is going live with new stock, place my bets and hope for the best. If I don't get it then so be it. It wasn't meant to be.

    Good luck to everyone still fighting the good fight!
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    hi here and waiting....
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    Cancelled by B&N.. I live in Sweden, will be in NYC next week. Been planning on buying one in the US since before the firesale frenzy, but now things don't look too bright..
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    No luck.. hearing all kinds of rumors though.. Stopped at a local BB and one of the guys said they are getting a few more tomorrow.. not willing to give a time of availability or how many will be made available.. first come first serve with limit of 1 per customer.. guess.. will need to check first thing when the store opens..
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    Cancelled by B&N, not acceptet by (so it surely gets cancelled) and the worst thing: I'm from Italy, so there's no hope for me to get one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohaynes View Post
    I'm another OnSale/Amazon casualty.

    I feel you pain
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    I too am still looking for a touchpads for both me and my mom. I was out of town this weekend so I missed the initial fire sale. I've been refreshing hp's website almost every hour and staying up to date one twitter for the past 2 days. Tomorrow, I'm probably going to try and check a couple of nearby Best Buys.
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    Amazon victim I wonder when I will be able to get the 64 gig.
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    I was on vacation and unplugged, by the time I heard of the sales everything was gone.
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    Amazon/OnSale victim. Got my cancellation notice today. Not too happy about it.
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    had no chance. was reloading the german website for hours to find out that at the end of the all of the tp's are sold out...
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    Dunno if HP will ever ship, got an email stating they will tommorow? Won't believe it till I see it.
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    cancelled cancelled and cancelled.
    I have the good fortune to buy it for $400 a couple of weeks ago off ebay.
    Since then I manged to convince my gfren to switch to WebOS.
    Luckily the firesale happened but and ive got no luck so far. 2 cancellations
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    No luck here either. What angers me is that every Wal-mart in my area had them in but refused to price match THEIR OWN WEBSITE! Then, after trying to cajole 3 stores to do it and failing, I log in the next day to find they had price matched and were sold out.
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