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    It could be worse. You could be in Canada.
    -- Bring back DateBk!!

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    My ordered got cancelled and i was number 115 in line for 75 TP in stock at BB still no luck!

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    Still looking, cancelled from B@N, think I am cancelled HP, backordered from AIC, but not hopeful.
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    B&N'd. BBY'd. Had a $300 Staples special, but returned it in all the confusion. I love webOS. I am frustrated.
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    Meh, 2 online orders were canceled and missed BB's restock by 2 hours today.
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    No joy here... went to BestBuyMobile and they had an ad for TP on the wall, and the demo device (clearly marked not for sale/demo only) powered up and running it's demo.

    Even if they would sell it to me, isn't it true that they cannot be used as real Touchpads?
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    If BestBuy is getting more as rumors say, why are people's (online and store pickup) orders being cancelled? Why not just leave them as backordered and wait til more come in to fulfill these orders? I doubt they'll get more cause of this.
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    I'm still trying to snag one.

    I had my B&N order cancelled and HP Small Business cancelled my other order. I'm just trying to get a single unit either 16 or 32GB.
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    OnSale cancelled my order today too.
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    I still haven't had any luck getting one or getting amazon to give me a partial refund on my launch day touchpad... Barnes and Noble cancelled mine (and it seems like everyone elses too).
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    I just want one 16 gb touchpad for personal use and have had no luck. I am anxiously awaiting for the official HP website to get more in stock :/
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    I got a conformation from HP, but now the web order number won't pull up anything. So frustrated.
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    Same here. Had cancelled orders from, Insight, B&N and now waiting for hp to restock.
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    Ordered sunday evening from OnSale...I found out late last night my order was canelled. Sucks bc I missed out on other buying opportunities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Eagle View Post
    So far, I've been:

    • OnSale'd
    • Barnes & Noble'd
    • InSighte'd
    • CDW'd

    All five canceled after receiving confirmation emails. Aww, hell.

    I have an order with them (placed on Saturday) - they've sent me two emails so far apologizing for the delay, but still haven't actually canceled. I chatted with a rep online today, and talked her into escalating to someone who might possibly know if they're ever going to ship. Now I'm just waiting for the almost-certainly disappointing email from them... I feel like a schoolboy whom everyone knows is about to get dumped by his girlfriend, but she's just avoiding him because she "doesn't want to hurt his feelings."

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    I got a vague cancellation-ish email from PC Richard & Son... we'll see what ends up happening, but I'm not holding out hope.

    If I run into one somewhere, I'll definitely pick it up, but I can't obsess over finding one... got way too much going on right now.
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    OnSale also cancelled my order today!
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    I didn't have the money in the first round, so missed out. Now I've been checking around a dozen websites (all the ones listed on the HP Touchpad product page and a few more) every 15 minutes for the last 32 hours and have found absolutely nothing anywhere.

    Needless to say, I'm quite peeved. If anyone has any leads of any kind on either model, new in box, I'd be deeply appreciative.

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    I hate to say it, but any ones from resellers are going to be $200-$300, which is still a deal i guess.
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    my husband went to best buy yesterday and they told him they get shipments on mondays and thursdays and maybe they'd get more this week or next. seemed like they didn't know either.
    and yes I hate reading about people who got more than a couple because they could, then selling on ebay..... ugh.
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