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    just got my new touchpad and am definitely enjoying it. However, I'm having a few issues:

    I'm overclocking to 1.7 ghz, and while I notice an improvement over the stock kernel, its not anything huge like others are saying. I have it set at 1.7 GHz in govnah, just so that is not asked. :-) Web browsing and emails in particular are still choppy as hell. Things are loading a bit quicker, but no major improvements. Also, I went through the touchpad starter thread on here, and did ALL of the suggestions to speed things up (disable logging, faster animations, etc.)and restarted a bunch of times, etc. Should I uninstall everything and try again?

    also, I just retired my pre, but I had that overclocking to 1ghz and could tell that was a major difference over stock.

    another ?:

    typing is odd. The suggested word thing when I have something misspelled is acting wonky. As an example, in this very sentence `have`is underlined and suggests `hwve` instead.
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    hmm odd. This is definitely not the first time I've posted here, yet my info off to the left makes it look like it.
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    I have seen that the faster animation patches can actually slow things down even though the look like they're going faster.

    The 3.0.2 update fixes a lot of the spelling wonkyness. 3.0.0 even has some mispellings set to auto correct. You can also check in the Settings -> textAssist dictionary to see if you accidentally added hwve.

    I haven't overclocked mine, but 90% of the choppyness and stuttering went away with the 3.0.2 update....
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    what do you find so slow?

    ap opening is slow..but i've found i only do that every few days if i have to restart luna for some odd reason. otherwise i just leave everything open.

    My only complaint is the browser and its lack of preferences, and they keyboard can be a little annoying....any why no arrow keys?

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