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    I have a Sprint pre- that i got on launch day...well actually this is my second refurb pre-!!... My pre- is slowly dying just yesterday the charging port somehow borked out and now only charges from the usb of my and wall chargers dont work now...Im resigned to the reality that in the next week or two i will be on an Android phone...

    I tried to purchase a $99 TouchPad from Barnes & Noble because it seemed like an awesome way to stay connected with webOS... but we know how the B&N fiasco played out...cancelled

    Buuuuuut!! Im really happy about all the thousands or millions of new users that are getting their hands on the TouchPad!...So many people are gonna get to enjoy the webOS experience!!...So many webOS developers are getting the chance they deserve to display their creativity to the world...Its not about me anymore...

    Now that i think about it if webOS is to survive something like this had to happen and now it is...I love webOS and now im starting to believe again that maybe this thing has a shot at success...of course alot of miracles have to happen in order to keep webOS alive but this webOS phenomenon has me feeling waaaaayyyy more positive than i have felt since Leos pronouncement...

    we will see where this takes the meantime im gonna busy myself trying to score a $99 TouchPad
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    they are showing back in stock at Hurry!
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    Thank you, dj ozone.

    It's nice to see a thread that doesn't involve complaints about newbies vs. the early adopters. I, as a newbie, appreciate your take on this. If I had gotten a second one, I would have sold it to you in a second.

    I've said this in another post, but it bears repeating:

    I never would have come into contact with webOS without this sale. As a full-time student, I can't possibly afford a full-priced tablet right now. This is my chance to get to try a new (to me) OS (which I'm always excited about) and have a useful tool that I can take with me on the go.

    I'm sad that a lot of the loyal people aren't getting one, but a number of new people are going to see whatever it is that attracted you early adopters to webOS in the first place.

    ...And I, for one, can't wait.

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