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    I just got a confirmation from HP SMB for my 16 GB TouchPad -- this after they sent me an email earlier today cancelling my order.

    The email lists a shipping carrier (but no tracking number).

    What does this mean???

    Train said it best. "I've been high, I've been low, I've been yes, and I've been OH HELL NO."

    EDIT: Now the order status page has changed completely to look like a bill of lading. It says estimated ship date 8/28, and estimated delivery 9/2. The ship to address is across the street from HP's headquarters, so I guess that is reasonable. It has a link to "Tracking Information" on the bottom, but nothing shows up if you click it. If you click on Line Item Detail, it says Qty Order=1, Qty Allocated=0; Qty B/O=1. I guess that answers my question.
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    I spent 5 hours 10 minutes on hold today at the SMB store only to be told they were closed now and to leave a voicemail, then they said the voicemail was full.
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    This is the only number I've been able to get through on: 1 (888) 728-9985
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    This is the only number I've been able to get through on: 1 (888) 728-9985
    mine canceled as well

    sucks ...
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