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    hi im traveling to lebanon with my touchpad and they use 110/220V 50 Hz will my touchpad work there? also they have alot of power outages, i dont want my pad to fry. and im taking a AA battery operated charger with me just in case im taking extra batteries as well . it has a maximum output of 0.5 amps. my flight its 13 hours long will it help me get an extra hour or two out of the pad?.

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    I got 7 hrs on a transatlantic flight with juice to spare, watched an hr long show, kids had multiple gaming sessions. One problem I had was that I downloaded the HP movie app in the UK and now it's locked to that region. Emailed Roxio but no fix so I uninstalled it. Take a universal charger with you, worked well for me.
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    ok if it worked in England then a converter isnt needed, i think they use the same voltage. 7 hours isnt bad. im only worrying because its 12 hours to paris then a 4 hour layover and another 5 and half hours to beirut. thats almost 22 hours. i guess ill take an my MP3 with me for music and use the touchpad if i get really bored. i need it to skype my folks once i get to france. cheaper than payin for a payphone lol
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    All the electronic devices work from 100-240v without any problem. There is no need for a converter.

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