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    Two touchpads came in today, one from HP, other from Amazon.

    The HP one (16GB) seemed fine and had the stock wallpaper.

    The 32GB (Amazon) seemed dif; anyways, I did the update on both (to the latest update) and... a butterfly wallpaper appeared on the 32GB, but NOT the 16GB.

    Anyone get a butterfly wallpaper WITHOUT selecting it?... I went to the pictures section and that picture.. isn't even there.

    I did a live chat with an Amazon person, part of the convo:
    "I'm sorry about the inconvenience faced
    We don't sell refurbished items from Amazon"

    Ideas? Does 32GB default to butterfly wallpaper after update and 16GB's don't? or what?
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    Do some more testing. See if any other differences pop up. Right now, that just sounds like a fluke.
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    some1 had it opened before and maybe had Wallpaper Switcheroo on it?
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    The TouchPad was bought from Amazon (lightning deal), packaging was sealed, didn't notice any scratch marks on back of the unit. There was maybe NO 'after market' apps on it.

    Hrm, an HP rep mentioned to me about the wallpaper changing sometimes after updates, or something like that?.. then later on mentioned he guarantees the default changes after every update or w/e. ...wat. Meh.
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    Well.. to be sure the software is set correctly, I'd suggest Doctoring the device straight to 3.0.2 instead of running the update. That way you know nothing on there isn't what shouldn't be there.
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    This happened to me, but only AFTER I did a webOS doctor restore. Mine was bought from Best Buy store and I ran the OTA upgrade to 3.0.2 fine with all the stock wallpapers fine. After upgrading the App Catalog, I started having issues and then used webOS doctor to restore my TP, and thats when I got the butterfly wallpaper. Looking at my photos all other wallpapers are gone so it must be some standard hidden background that comes up when nothing else is available maybe?

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    I got my 32 GB from OnSale and it had the butterfly background on it already. Weird thing is that mine already was updated to the latest webOS. I got mine on the second round from OnSale so these newest ones from HP might already be pre-patched.

    So I read this thread because I noticed it wasn't in my wallpapers either. After seeing all your comments I decided to test and I changed my wallpaper. Then I deleted them all to see if it auto did the butterfly. Instead, it kept my wallpaper the same even though I deleted it.

    When I was later putting files on my touchpad, there's a hidden folder of pics or wallpapers. Sure enough my current wallpaper was in there and a strange butterfly one that I can't get back to being my wallpaper even after I move it.

    Long story short, can anyone upload the butterfly picture from theirs? I want the special butterfly wallpaper back!! If it's your current background it will be in that hidden folder. Thanks!!!
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    Here you go
    Hmm that is the default wallpaper on the emulator that comes with the SDK.

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