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    Hey guys, I had an order through Microcenter for 1 16gb. After all the cancellation emails going out, I figured mine was good because I didn't get one. I got on their live chat just now and asked for an update to my order and the rep told me that it was canceled.

    I NEVER received the cancellation email, I've been watching it like a hawk. I did get a confirmation email however.

    This irritates me to no end.

    Long story short, if you are waiting on shipping through Microcenter, check with a live chat rep!
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    I have the same experience. They canceled my order. But I did not receive any email from them. What we can do about this?
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    did you check your spam folder? that was where mine was hidden
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    I second the spam folder. Gmail sent it straight there and I didn't notice. I actually called to cancel my order bc I was able to pick one up in store at Wal-Mart and she said, it's already been canceled. That sent me searching for the notice, and in my spam folder it be.
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    Amazon cancelled my order for the 4G version last week, got my money back friday :-(
    I miss my 1998 Startac.
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    my cancellation notice from micro center was in my spam folder as well.

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