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    so I had a palm profile that I have been using with my palm pre and I have connected it to my Touchpad. For some reason the app store thinks I am in an unsupported country on the Touchpad(I am in the US). It works fine on my phone but I cant see apps like the Kindle or KalemSoft media player. Any ideas.
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    are your regional settings correct?
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    do you mean the regional setting when signing into my profile on the TouchPad? Those are correct. Selected English US. I just deleted my device from my profile and tried again and still thinks I am in an unsupported country.
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    one more. Go to date&time settings. Is network time on? If yes, are date, time and timezone correct?
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    yup all date, time setting correct. Network time is on
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    dang. Hopefully an old timer can help. My next suggestion would be webOS doctor.
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    actually looking into the problem further. In app menu in app catalog preferences and accounts is grayed out. I can't even find paid apps at all
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    how are you connecting to the internet on it? it's obviously wifi, but is it a home wifi? work wifi? maybe it has some hardware proxy thing going on that geo-locates you in the bermuda triangle

    also, its not a demo unit is it?
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    just home wifi. Nope not a demo.
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    if it were me I'd try doctoring.
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    i may. i think i am going to see if another new profile will work just to test
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    ok so I am on the phone with tech support apparently my Touchpad thinks it's Canadian, even though I selected US. So they are trying to figure out a work around
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    Keep us posted. It would be very interesting if you manage to change your profile country.
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    Well they escalated the issue to a level 3 tech support and said someone is going to change it and give me a call tomorrow. I'll post here when and if that happens.
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    Hello there. Interested to know if you managed to solve your problem. I too have the same problem. I'm in the UK but the App store is showing Euro prices as opposed to pounds. Regional and date/time settings are correct. My profile is also on two other pads and they are fine. Not sure what I can do to change this. Any clues or advise ?


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