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    Okay, so there's no Protection Plan per say with this device, such as we enjoy on our Pre phones. You know, if you drop it or some natural disaster claims it you get a new replace it.

    I haven't signed up (yet) for the HP Care program (or whatever it's called). So I don't even know if they offer a replacement option with their paid coverage. But assuming they do, how exactly will that end up working?

    If HP doesn't retain a certain number of units in a warehouse somewhere to 'swap out' with broken/damaged ones via the HP Care program and your unit is damaged too far beyond repair - are you in essence screwed?

    If they do plan on retaining a bunch for Care program replacement claims, doesn't that mean that there will be far fewer to still be sold to the public in what precentral has termed "Firesale Part II"?

    Just wondering...
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    The fire sale is only on new units, not refurbished ones. I bet HP still has plenty of refurbs stocked up somewhere.
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    ...Forgot about that. All the ones people returned.

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