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I wouldn't say that. But if ppl watched Slickdeals then they would of had the heads up.(It was posted before deal went live)

Although I am betting some ppl were lucky enough to get it by just strolling into a store.

Did a lot of work for the ones I found. Have had one canceled atm, and spent hours on the internet waiting for some to popup.

I am very curious where webos will go from here. Haven't used webos since I replaced my Pre and I am super excited to check it out. I always thought webos would make the perfect OS for tablets.
I knew about the slickdeals thread, I showed up at a staples before they opened the -first- day and walked out with a 32gig touchpad. -But- it was one of only a FEW touchpads they had in stock and as I was leaving another gentleman was arriving to buy the rest.

That's the big problem here. The craze made it a moneymaking proposition to buy a handful of devices or more, so the demand was massively front-loaded. If you weren't 100% on the ball you couldn't get one because the first guy in the door bought all of them, and even if you were, there was a good chance you'd end up empty handed.

Some places started limiting it to 1-per-customer (best buy for example), but that doesn't help the fact that they waited a full day to actually start selling them (and even then, allowed their employees to buy a large number of them - I know a best buy employee who walked out that night with 10+ of them, all for ebay).

At any rate, don't hold your breath. HP doesn't care about you. If that hasn't been made remarkably clear by now I don't think another smack to the face is going to help ;p.