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    If you look at the sales on Ebay, they are being sold around the $250 range. This is with multiple bids and a lot of auctions closing. And if you think about it, its about the right pricing range for a tablet that is competing with Ipad. I think if they sold them directly at 279 or 299 from authorized retailers, the HP Touchpad would have still sold well. Too bad HP didn't do a little research and use a little more common sense.

    Hopefully, some smarter company like a Samsung will look at the new user base of Web OS from the fire sale and take note of the selling "sweet spot" and grow it from there.
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    You mean, let a market set the price for something?
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    unless HP isn't trying to minimize their loss on webOS hardware, but are instead trying to maximize their sell value of webOS software...

    Selling the touchpad at $250 wouldn't have generated a fifth of the riot this firesale has
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    AT $350 you still would have gotten no sales really. the Viesonic Gtablet is down to $230 now and it does well but still did not save it and the company dropped it. Also it cost $299 I read to build a Tablet. HP needs to make money on it. and that $299 is only the tablet. add another $50 on every tablet for advertising , over head etc. They need to sell it for over $400 to make a profit.
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    I think the saddest part is that people are buying $99 Touchpads for $250+ on ebay to scalpers. All it does it perpetuate the cycle and they fall for it every time.

    I like the Touchpad,and I've tried my hardest to get one for $99/$150 but I refuse to pay a scalper on Ebay 2x that amount "just to get one". If you really wanted one you should have bought it for $399 when it was $100 less than retail. Now you paying "less" but still $150 OVER current retail value.

    I know people are blaming the Ebay'ers with 200 to sell but people only have themselves to blame. Supply and demand right?
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    Ebay = pure capitalism, imo. Something is only worth what others are willing to pay.
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