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    I have a google apps account. In that account, I have three calendars that i add events to:
    1. Personal
    2. Work
    3. Work 2

    All of these calendars show up in the calendar app and they sync perfectly. But,

    when I go to add a new event, the only calendar I can add an event to is my Personal calendar (which is the "default" calendar in my google apps account). If I want to make an event for the "Work" calendar, I am unable to choose the appropriate calendar. Help!!!
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    Which device and software version are you having this problem on? On a Touchpad, you can select the correct calendar just under the "Event Name" and "Event Location" using a dropdown menu that should contain all your calendars. On a Pre, when you add a new event, there's a colored button to the right of the "Event Name" that also brings up a drop down menu. Let us know if that doesn't work for you. You can also change an event that already exists in the same way and move it to another calendar.
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    Did you get an answer to this ?

    I now have a major problem with this on both my touchpad (3.04) and my pre3.

    Any clues ?

    I have a google apps account with 19 calendars. They are shared so I can edit and manage them. I log in with the full domain name etc. Some appear as read only and for all of them I can't select a different calendar for any of them.

    Driving me mad !

    Please help
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    I just migrated my calendars from my gmail account over to my google apps account and encountered the same problem. Anyone has a solution yet?

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