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    HP TouchPad just purchased:

    What is the easiest way to add video to my TouchPad? I tried throwing on some .avi files but the device does not see them. Any advice on apps that will easily allow me to add my videos to my device and watch them?

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    You must have 3.02 update installed that fixes a bug where transferred files would not be visible. Secondly TP doesn't play avi files natively you'll have to eithe,r purchase kalemsoft from the app catalog or download the free beta if you've installed preware.
    Another option is to download playon to your pc, set up the media server and stream files to your touchpad. Enter in your browser, works superbly. Even works with hdtv caps .ts and .tp files that I hadn't been able to stream to a ps3.
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    thank you so much!
    Been battling this thing for 2 days trying to figure out the right combo/app to do the job.
    Got it up and working in an hour ;D

    Hopefully others can see this thread that are having the same problem, the purchase of Kalemsoft Video Player was well worth it.

    thanks again mate.

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