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    Ok I have windows 7 I purchased my touchpad before the fire sale. I love webos but I'm having a problem I can't get any videos to transfer I know I have the right format but when I try to drag them to the touchpad nothng happens.
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    Can you put other files on your touchpad?
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    I'm not sure what you've done thus far so i'm gonna start from scratch.

    1) Connect your TP to you Win7 PC
    2) When prompted on the TP, click USB
    3) Verify your TP has a HUGE usb icon on the screen
    4) On your Win7 PC, open My Computer and you should see a drive for your TP
    5) Open the drive showing the TP (You should see some folders such as .Apps, Internal, etc)
    6) Now copy & paste or drag your video(s) to the open TP drive.
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    copy them to just anywhere or a specific folder?
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    Either way will work. As long as they are the correct video format, the Touchpad will see them. You can just create a folder called "Movies" or whatever name just to keep them organized.
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    Is the video file less than 4GB?

    The USB drive is FAT32 and only supports file sizes less than 4GB. I think there's a pop up error when you start the transfer but I haven't tried that kind of transfer with a windows 7 PC.
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