It seems that QVC is holding the line or we would have heard something more definitive by now. Are they a big enough HP merchant to have incentive to keep their customers and work with them? Many including my wife and I used their extended payment plan to get two Touchpads, but do not want to send them back for the full refund because there are just NO Touchpads available at the fire sale pricing any longer. We have been webOS believers since early Palm Pilot days. We do enjoy our TPs. I am sure some QVC'ers may just stop paying once they figure any more payments would be too much and just take the credit hit, but that is NOT recommended, though somewhat justified. I would think QVC would want good will and do the price matching and call it even with those who have already shown good faith by making timely payments. Perhaps I am an idealist? Does QVC HAVE TO WAIT for HP to contact them? I am hoping QVC will say, "Our valued customers are who have made us who we are today. Therefore, QVC is going to again price match HP for the Touchpads we have sold. We will be issuing refunds to our customers and will also be contacting our extended-payment plan customers with news about keeping their Touchpads with no further payments, if applicable." Or something like that. Like I say, idealistic.