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    Bear with me here....

    Like many people here at this forum, I'm a former long time PalmOS user who never made the jump into the WebOS world for various reasons (including Palm's decision to turn its back on the software catalog that had been built up for PalmOS when it went to WebOS). That was up until this TouchPad firesale this last weekend. Over the years, I have checked PreCentral almost every day watching and waiting for the big explosion which never seemed to really happen. Was really hoping that the Pre3 was finally going to be the phone that pulled me in. Turned out to be a $99 impulse buy to give it a go.

    After playing with my new WebOS tablet for a few days every time I pick it up and look for something to use it for, all I can think of is how much this experience reminds me of my days using BeOS so many years ago. Like WebOS, BeOS was a shining example of multitasking and how throwing away legacy support can open up an OS to new levels rivals can't match. It was the Batmobile to the ubiquitous Microsoft Station Wagon. In the tablet race, I guess Apple is now the station wagon, WebOS is the batmobile and Android is the tank? I kept trying over and over to use BeOS as my primary OS but something always came up short. Some app wasn't available or a "like" app was in no way up to snuff (GoBe Productive anyone?). So at best it was a dual-boot world for BeOS.

    Before it was the hip thing to call a collection of software an "app catalog" or an "app store," BeOS had BeBits and BeWare. And that's where my flashbacks keep coming back to me. Browsing through the WebOS AppCatalog is exactly like I remember browsing BeBits oh so many years ago. Looking for apps that didn't exist. Plenty of dumb little toy games and maybe a few genuinely unique apps to the platform but something was always missing. So, I dual-booted back into Windows. Or, in the case of WebOS, I pull out my iPhone or iPad. To use an overused phrase "It's the apps, stupid."

    As many of you may know, many years ago Palm Inc. snatched up that little company called "Be" when they were in the midst of writing their new version of PalmOS, codenamed Colbalt (before WebOS). The hope was Palm would use the little tech wonder of BeOS on their devices and there would be a resurgence of BeOS development and a gobs of cash for Palm down the line. But that didn't happen, instead they just sucked up the IP and that ended up in tow to the sale of PalmOS to Access never to be heard from again. Perhaps a tiny bit of that BeOS charm and curse has remained in tow with WebOS to this day.

    So to my point... I really do hope that this isn't the beginning of the end for WebOS. I am enjoying playing with my new TouchPad, but I'm hoping that's not all I'll ever be able to do, just play with it. It would be wonderful if the massive overnight explosion in WebOS user-base spawned a windfall of new, high quality apps from small and large developers.

    At least all of us that only spent $99 on these things will have plenty of cash left over to spend on apps and build the app catalog, right???
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    I was one of the BeOS faithful too and mentioned it's similarity to webOS in other posts here. The only difference so far is that the firesale has created a user base BeOS never had. If a hardware manufacturer licenses/or purchases webOS then this may lead to a Phoenix phenomenon.
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    I miss BeOS

    I have such high hopes for webOS. Hopefully someone with good hardware support puts together a phenomenal webOS device.

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