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    Hi all,

    did someone already receive the difference to the fire sale price ?

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    I got it from BestBuy
    Funny thing is he was telling me that you will not receive any support from BB if you want refund. LOL
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    Office Depot did a "price match" so I got basically $450 back on the $600 I paid for my 32GB.
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    I received mine and my Touchpad was originally purchased from HP on 7/1.
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    As of yesterday Staples is "price matching" all HP Touchpads regardless of when they were purchased. I got got my refund yesterday for my touchpad I purchased 7/14, though they did have to call corporate to get it confirmed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wlblack1 View Post
    I received mine and my Touchpad was originally purchased from HP on 7/1.
    How were you notified?
    I also bought from HP (ordered 06/19/11). Did you get an email confirmation, or did it just show up on your credit card?
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    I received an email notification from them saying I had been credited, but it has yet to show up on my bank account. Got the email on monday, and it says allow 3-5 business days to go through.

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