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    Walking to work this morning the line in front of best buy was very unexpected.

    I say unexpected because I simply thought most deals were going online and those were to the more tech savvy consumer....I think this hit mainstream news.

    Crazy...its a shame only in the ashes do we see a apple-esque line for a WebOS product.
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    Fifth... isn't the Apple Store in the same area?
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    LOL, that's a lot of people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Fifth... isn't the Apple Store in the same area?
    Apple store is on 5th and 58th street. This best buy was on 5th and 44th street. So not too far.
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    Awesome!! Finally seeing a line formed for getting HP TouchPad
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    It is the largest thread in Slick Deal's history, as soon as a rumored site goes live it is taken down by their traffic. This thing got much bigger than the webOS community. The Slick Deals thread gets two pages of comments posted in the time I can read one. It is crazy.
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    I was just there yesterday. They didn't have any, and were a mad house.
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    One thing I am realizing from reading different threads is alot of these folks are seeing a $99 tablet they can sell for $200. HP should really limit it to 2 per customer .
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    Not nearly as hip looking as the line for new Apple products.
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    they are bargain hunter. They are lining up for $99 tablet, they are not there to get the webOS device. Most people are just crazy about the price. If Blackberry tablet goes for $99, I am sure they will have same line of people, same to any of android tablet. Nothing to be proud of.
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    There are tons of crappy $99 android tablets. I think because its $99 and it doesn't suck is also a reason.

    Not denying the price reason, its obvious the price is a huge factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain Mantis View Post
    There are tons of crappy $99 android tablets. I think because its $99 and it doesn't suck is also a reason.

    Not denying the price reason, its obvious the price is a huge factor.
    Price is pretty much the only factor, since not many were buying them at full price People just know a tablet from a reputable company that was once $500 is now $99, and they're jumping all over it, not really caring what OS it runs. They likely are not trying out the TouchPad first, or even reading up on it -- they see $400 discount and that's all they need. If the Galaxy Tab or Blackberry tablet suddenly dropped to $99, you'd see a similar frenzy.

    They are getting a nice tablet for $99, but let's not pretend that most are buying it because of webOS.
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    webOS is going out in a blaze of glory!!...Just like the best always do!...webOS is a legendary OS....ever since i bought my launch day pre- on sprint that i still rock, this whole webOS adventure has been an epic ride!...Even if HP and the hater crowd cant appreciate what webOS represents thats ok because i do!

    Get ur TouchPads people of NYC you are the lucky ones...out here in LA where I am all TouchPads are completely sold out everywhere!!
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    lol why would he fake a video like this? What would he gain from it?
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    I went to my BBY this morning and there were 4 people waiting when I got there and by opening there were 12.
    The manager said they were getting 8 of the GB and 30 of the GB today and handed out vouchers one per person to guarantee you the one you picked.
    So, in theory I should be able to pick up a 16GB later today.
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    Esp. since i'm considered one of the "trolls' on this site when it comes to WebOS haha.
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    nycho is just baiting you folks for fun...immature, yes. Sorry nycho if I offended you, but your postings are either designed to offend or you are socially inept...or you need to get ears checked...or all 3.

    the video is real...don't worry about it Brain, I believe you. Of course that plus about $4.50 will get you a ccup o coffee (remember we are in NYC!).
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    haha good point.

    I actually stopped and asked cause i was like "no way this is for the Touchpad"....i know New Yorkers like a deal...but still a bit shocking.
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    you know, I don't think it's completely giving WebOS the love it deserves... In fact, I believe that a good majority of the people buying are waiting for the bounty to mature to have Android ported to once again, rid the world of WebOS.
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