Having read a bunch of comments from newbies on here regarding tp stuff that doesnt work or doesnt work well or doesnt meet basic expectations or works too slow or requires lots of time and effort to get patches and other esoteric things to do certain tasks that they'll just throw their hands up and sell on ebay or craigslist. Not many tp newbies or even newbies who are experienced with other tablets like the ipad are junkies for webos. Only those who had that os in the past care about it and i have no idea how big that crowd was. Anyway i see a lot of ppl who jumped on the sale price thinking im getting an ipad -- in their minds -- for $99 are going to be sadly disappointed and sell off but will there be buyers?? Someone posted yesterday that hp promised in a corporate memo that much more is coming. But one cant believe anything one reads on the internets even on a trusted forum like this. So many agendas.