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    Hello! I was one of the lucky ones to get the HP Touchpad a few days ago. The browser is fantastic and flash performance is amazing. I still cannot believe that I can play Samorost and Machinarium in the browser.

    Do you guys know any other flash games that would play well on the tablet (point and click ideally)? Otherwise, all flash games I guess are playable with a bluetooth keyboard. I havent tested Windowsil yet. Not sure how the Touchpad will handle the clicking and dragging.

    Let me know guys what you think. Ideally we can build a reference list here.

    So far the list looks like this (will update frequently):

    Samorost 1 and 2
    Moshi Monsters

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    My grandkids play Moshi Monsters on the TouchPad but they cannot play it on my wife's iPad because of Flash. HaHaHa
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    I don't know how well these will do on the TP (and I won't until mine gets here), but if you like Samarost, here are a couple of links to check out:
    Blue Tea: Six cool Samorost-style games
    Blue Tea: Even more Samorost-style games

    Also, Wogger is an underrated Samarost-style game. Very good, IMHO.
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    I am loving Machinarium on my TP, this is so cool.

    I've been playing Corporation Inc. on my PC these days, I wish it was TP friendly, but uses keyboard to pan.
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    The game TRAUMA from the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle works for touchpad.
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    Facebook games are awesome, The Sims..Empires and Allies....actually- I'm going to play right now.

    *pulls out Touchpad*
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    I created a website to do just that. It is all games that are playable on the touchpad. Check out my post here.
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    theres a video how to play swf on your touchpad:

    step1. install preware on your touchpad
    step2. install lighty / lighttpd http server using preware
    step3. download a bunch of .swf files to your touchpad when you do have wifi.
    step3.1. make sure your swf files are in the directory that lighttpd uses, i think its /media/internal/www
    step4. use the touchpad web browser to visit and click on any swf file to begin playing.

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