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    PlayOn baby!! Beauty of HP TouchPad is that you can watch PlayOn from Once you have installed PlayOn on your computer, its just a piece of cake to watch HULU, NBC, ABC, live NFL games and all the movies in the world for free on your TouchPad.
    The last two times I tried PlayOn it wasn't very good (a few months ago, and about a year or maybe two years ago). It's buggy, and to pay monthly (quarterly/yearly/etc) for the app is simply just robbery. It actually was a one time fee at first, but then they got greedy and wanted more money for it. They don't even provide the contents, just the way to get to the contents, and a lot of plugins are actually written by the community.
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    Hulu would be nice but you can get all that content on other sites. It's nice that Hulu has the shows all together but if you go to your network's official website, chances are that they have all the same content Hulu has and more. When my TouchPad arrives tomorrow I'm gonna buy Video Flood HD. It sounds like a great app that aggregates all the network's videos in one place which is very convenient.
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    Start tweeting to @hulu & @hulu_support with a copy to HP. At least let them know you want their product. I did as much & told them I'd have no use for their service if it failed to work on the TouchPad.
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