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    indivisibletears, thank you for the post! Everything you mentioned seem like good reasons to use this tablet. I don't need a tablet for those same features (except for facebook and browsing) so I guess I'm wanting a different experience out of it. I would like the ability to play any video file without having to worry about it being in an .mp4 format and also the ability to load pictures onto the device since I'm a photographer and would love to use it as a tool to show off my work. I'm assuming I won't run into issues viewing pictures (although I can't verify that yet).
    Also, Kindle can't view pdf files so for me, it's useless.

    I am happy people would be willing to purchase my device but I am still keeping it as I plan on installing Android.

    Lucidlore, why would someone want to keep a novel open for weeks while trying to multitask just because a program couldn't bookmark a page?

    meggiedude, perhaps I sound ridiculous but I have faith that Android can accomplish these simple tasks I want and everything else WebOS is capable of. You may have other tablets to test out Honeycomb but I do not. I have used Froyo and feel confident Honeycomb will live up to it.
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    You bought the Touchpad mainly to be a demon pdf reader it seems.
    And your main reason for feeling ripped off is because it has some limitations with that one tiny portion of functionality.
    Rather polarised approach don't you think?

    Might other tablets also have the same limitations?? Hmm??

    If you had issues you wanted help with then you could have asked, but your opening gambit was to slate the tablet and ask questions later.

    Sorry, but you are not really worth the effort to help. Sell it would be my advise.
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    This is what I would to:

    * Open the Software Manager, select Adobe Reader (v10.2.276) from the list.
    * Where it says "Report a Problem", tap that.
    * From selection type, set it to "Other"
    * Now, where it says "Tap Here To Type," paste your comments.

    There is also a feature request/bug reporting thread(s) stickied at the top of this forum.

    The browser seems decent except I have not been able to figure out on how to move the cursor to the end or beginning of text. Example: If the text box I'm typing in is 20 characters long and I type 30, the beginning of the text gets scrolled and is out of sight. I normally just arrow over using my arrows keys on my keyboard or press the Home key. How is this possible on the TouchPad?
    I see your point here in a text field box with a fixed width. I was only able to move the cursor in the text field using the HP TouchPad bluetooth keyboard. I suggest this also go in the feature request page.
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    OP... if you are certain Android can accomplish the tasks you are sorely missing, I'd suggest grabbing an android tablet or wait until the Palmdroid project completes. Otherwise this thread accomplishes nothing but push members into defending against baiting comments.

    <thread has run it's course - closed>
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