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    I am so ready to pull the trigger on a touch pad on ebay as long as the price is no higher than like $ 250.00, what do yall think?? or would that be a bad move?
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    I'd wait till this weekend.

    More stock is "coming" allegedly, so you can try there.

    I honestly don't think the demand will stay this way for more than a week. People will move on, and prices may drop.

    Then again they COULD completely sell out and then people may pay more.. but they we're buying them @ $499 so there has to be an upper limit somewhere.
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    You have to do what you need to do, but it would be good not to encourage the knuckle-heads that bought more than they needed just to exploit the situation. HP is supposed to have more coming. Hang tight if you can.
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    Until HP says we are completely out of stock, all manufactured inventory is depleted; I would avoid ebay. HP will be selling more online, & if you're fortunate, you can grab one at a local Best Buy. The ebay listings aren't going anywhere, they will be growing by the day.
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    I would always be willing to trade for a pre 2 hehe
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    i may check my local best buy in the morning
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    That's kind of steep for a platform with an uncertain future, IMO.
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    i`m just sick of looking on amazon and seeing "shipping soon" from ONSALE , for like 3 days now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrstinkfish View Post
    That's kind of steep for a platform with an uncertain future, IMO.
    true that

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