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    So i ordered a touchpad over 48 hours ago and i just now got a cancellation notice from CDW ...... what a letdown! As i've said many times before i'm a financially challenged college student, and was super excited to finally be able to afford a touchpad. I was even more excited when i got the confirmation email. Anyone else have this happen to them? I would think that they would would have at least listed the TP as "out of stock". Anyways, enough of me whining If ANYONE has an extra one they want to sell, i'd be willing to pay a little more (in reason of course) than what you paid for plus shipping to IN. I'm not not trying to give a sob story, or sound whiny. I was just someone that got unlucky and hopefully someone with better luck has an extra one they want to sell

    I dont know if its ok to post my email but if not the mods can delete it. I dont mind if everyone sees it. ...... if the mods do delete it then just PM me.

    T G
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    Got a confirmation, haven't yet gotten a cancellation, but I'm not optimistic, because the order comes up as "not found" when I try to track it on their site.
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    Mine said not found as well. I had another poster on here check with his sales rep with them, and confirmed that my order would be one that was cancelled. Even though I still haven't got "official" cancellation notice, I at least know that I can't expect anything.

    Sounds like there are LOTS of people who got a confirmation that will be cancelled. I saw another poster that did get a call from CDW canceling the order, and they said there were thousands more that would be cancelled.

    Websites (especially e-commerce systems) are just not built to handle the amount of stress a rush like this causes - as we are all seeing over and over this week.

    I'm frustrated my order didn't go through either, but it is what it is.
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    i checked yesterday as well just to make sure it was on the way cause im always impatient when i have a new "toy" being shipped to me, and i like to know exactly when its gonna be at my door lol. When it showed as "order not found" i was also optimistic, and just figured it was due to the high volume of orders. Sadly, that was not the case. I did finally get to chat online with CS (i was number 59 in que which i've NEVER had that happen to me when trying to chat with CS online so they must have been super busy with mad people) The thing is i wasn't even mad till i talked to CS online, i was just disappointed that i got unlucky. But they were quite rude and short with me which did make me a little upset. Its not our fault that they screwed up.
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    #59 in the queue huh? I tried that online chat yesterday and I was number 443, with an hour and a half wait time!

    If your boss told you yesterday morning (if at all) that instead of your normal workload, you were going to have to pacify thousands of people one after another, you'd probably be a little short too.

    I'm frustrated I didn't get one yesterday either, but let's put this in perspective. None of these companies had any planning time for all this - it happened over the weekend by HP, and these companies are scrambling to latch on to get their stock sold off while there is still demand. Mistakes will happen, especially with little to no preparation. And the hordes of people bombarding these sites are crazy.
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    i completely agree with you, which is why i wasnt upset at first and was just disappointed. And i should clarify, i wasn't mean or nasty to the person i spoke to online. I only asked why it happened this particular way and the answer i got was "I dont know why so many people ordered this stupid thing" ........ i'm a college student/server in a restaurant so i know all about customer service, and as you stated these companies were probably not prepared and staff was/is probably overworked and underpaid. But in any customer service job, you get paid to be polite. Hence the "customer service". When the CS rep made that statement to me i just ended the chat so i wouldnt say something that wouldn't benefit me anyways and would probably make her/his day even worse. Non-the less it upset me/****ed me off that my simple question was handled that way.
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    my brother in law got his cancelled too. sucks. I'm waiting on amazon/onsale to let me know. I may call tomorrow if I hear nothing.
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    I got an mail saying my shipment will be late due to the "overwhelming response to this item"

    here is the email:
    We would like to thank you for your recent order of an HP Touchpad.

    Due to an overwhelming response to this item, we will require additional time to process and ship these orders. If you chose expedited shipping, your order will ship via that method however it will still take additional time to process your order. Rest assured we are working as quickly as possible to process your order.

    We received tens of thousands of orders for the HP Touchpads. We have restructured our support team to help with the processing of these orders. In order to allow our support staff to work on processing these order, we ask that you please refrain from contacting us for the status of your order. Once your order has been processed and shipped, you will automatically receive an email with tracking information. If we should encounter an issue with your order, you will be contacted directly.

    If you have concerns if you order has been received; you may log into your account and your order should appear in your order history.

    We do apologize for the delay and rest assured your order will be filled as soon as possible and that your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship.

    We appreciate your business and your patience while we work to process and fill every customers order.

    The Team

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