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    Quote Originally Posted by apalemick View Post
    Found the Folio case for 19.99 but with coupon code "hptouchpadcases" it drops down to $13.

    Hand Held Items

    EDIT: Sold out while I was writing this. That'll teach me. Should have ordered before I posted.
    that's not the official HP case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdoty View Post
    Bestbuy, in the US, has them at those prices. The keyboard looks nice, might pick up one and see how well it works with other bluetooth devices.

    I really liked the keyboard, but couldn't justify $70, $35 is a bit more reasonable.
    And if you add all 3 you save some more $$
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    How many think that these prices will go down even further as time wears on? 3 accessories for <$100 seems like a very good deal... but so does $250 for a Touchpad.... man have I gotten spoiled over the last 4-5 days
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    I'm pretty sure the prices wont drop much further, because items are selling out everywhere they get listed at the prices we're seeing.

    Since they are shutting down hardware operations, if you -want- a HP cover, keyboard, or touchstone, now is the time to get it.

    I skipped on the touchstone - I can plug and unplug my device and battery life seems amazing on this thing. I picked up the keyboard because at 30$ it was reasonably cheap, well built, and designed for the pad. The case is a relative no-brainer for now at 20$, as it's designed for the bottom-mounted speakers and fits the pad in a way that allows for bezel-swiping etc.

    YMMV, but I'd say if you're at all interested in the accessories you should jump before they're gone everywhere.
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    Just picked up Touchstone, Keyboard and case for $90 (inc tax) from my local Best Buy (through in-store pickup on their website, they give 15% off if you buy 3 items). Sure that's almost the cost of the Tablet, but its a huge discount on those three items, which I'm sure I'll make use of.
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