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    I'm sending a friend a TouchPad. They are in the sandbox (war zone). Should the TP be activated in the US before shipping to the sandbox?

    Can they just enter their US information when activating the TP?

    The person lives in Virginia and will eventually be returning with the TP. They do have fairly consistent, but intermittent, internet connection to the US.

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    Intermittent? Solidify your friendly action by creating an account for your friend with his address and let him know the pw. While you are at it, install the 3.0.2 OS update. Adding Preware is only done by best friend forever!
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    I think you would want to activate it in the US. I doubt SW Asia has a very good app store selection.

    I would agree with the guy above me too - make an account for him and put the PW on a post-it in the box (if he ever needs it again) and download 3.0.2 and the included apps before sending it. It would take a looooong time to do from over there. Also consider sending him a case - I hear sand gets everywhere even if stuff is indoors all the time.
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    I was just thinking about our folks overseas today, and wondering if any of them would have liked to have gotten a firesale TP. It would be neat if those with extras that were bought "just in case", but have no real need for them, would get together and send'em over.

    Maybe we could get something going? Not necessarily for free, although that would be great. But I'm sure some are willing to reimburse the cost if need be. It'd be cool to offer our deployed folks first dibs, though.
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