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    HP TouchPad

    Watch this video lol it runs in the SAME style as all those ipad videos from apple

    and OF COURSE they had to use that darned word...MAGIC....

    its still a nice device and its great to have something different...damned iOS is getting very mundane these days
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    You are right! How dare HP make an ad showing off the features of its product like every other company in existence! Bad Move HP, Bad Move!

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    HAHA well they didnt have to try and mimic apple. Apple is good but honestly they just have a great markerting dept. So many people at apple stores oh wow thats in white and look its in pink, blue, yellow, orange, and purple and owwwww woowwww look at that it will have NOTIFICATIONs in FALL!

    Point is it has a lot of good stuff but a lot of stuff that is already out...poeple buy the hype not apple for the most part. I myself have had a iphone 3g and have a 4 and a mac.... one thing is clear i am staying the heck away from windows phones and or OS!

    i do like apple quality, there stuff is very well planned and designed however its not perfect but its a heck of a lot better than most other companies from my experience!
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    Web OS is a creative, fresh and different OS.

    HP is not a creative company. They simply copy other companies.

    Hence why the Touchpad looked so much like an ipad 1, and that their whole Envy laptop line looks like the Macbook.

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