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    We would first like to thank you for your purchase of the HP TouchPad over the weekend. As I am sure you saw, the item sold out almost immediately. This will be the first of a series of email notifications and status updates in order for you receive the latest and most up to date status on the order without having to phone or email our systems.

    As of 5pm EST on 8/23, we anticipate shipping these towards the end of this week.
    We will certainly keep you updated as we know exact dates by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

    We have freight tracking # from HP with enough orders so that everyone will receive their complete order.
    For those that ordered 10, 50, or 100, they will be PARTIALLY filled this week, and the balance FILLED most likely next week. It is the only fair thing to do, as we are assuring that everyone will get their FULL order without any canceling.

    Currently the order process will be the following:
    -Over the next day or two, we will start the "Invoicing" stage. This is when our systems take your order status from "Active/Open" to the packing stage.
    -Following the Invoicing, a shipping label will be created, and emailed to you.

    *Please note, when you receive this email notice, it is GREAT NEWS, as it means it is almost out the door.

    Finally, we completely understand your situation in wanting this product as timely as possible. We certainly hope that once we deliver your TouchPad, you will take consider the fact we followed through on the order completely, as opposed to other retailers canceling orders with simple apologies.

    You deserve the item you ordered, at the incredible price paid, and we intend to deliver for you. All of our sites, and marketplaces received over 10,000 orders in total, and it has simply been overwhelming.
    So it seems I got lucky, what kind of ***** orders that many?
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    Profiteers. Intellectually, I know that it's the free market economy at work, but emotionally, I hope they end up having to have their own firesale in the end.

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