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    Quote Originally Posted by no_balut_thanks View Post
    What did you use to encode the movie? Here is an example:

    AnyDVD (decrypt)
    CloneMobile (encode - default iPad settings)
    Movie: Transformers (filesize: 2.18Gb)

    When I try to play this movie with the native Touchpad (Photos/Video) player is does not load. Also, when I try to play the movie using the other player native to Internalz Pro, there is an error.

    What steps are you using to watch a >2Gb movie?


    I used Cucusoft Video Converter, DVD to ipod,iPad,iPhone,Zune Video Converter Ultimate DVD & Video Converter.
    you can use the pre settings, but the TouchPad was not listed so I used the advance settings to get the picture size and sound quality I wanted.
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    To the Original Poster / topic....Check out Kalemsoft
    KalemSoft - Products
    version 0.4.0

    Everything that I have, from avi, to mp4, to mkv plays directly from my touchpad or I can stream issues. I use to convert it but the amount of personal time and energy and electricity that goes into that....Its easy to spend $5.99
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    Can't see it on their website, but just wondering does Kalemsoft support ISO files? Thanks.
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    FYI: 3.0.4 of webOS for Touchpad fixes the problem with seeking and B-Frames mentioned earlier in this thread. So, feel free to use High and Main Profile H.264 with B-Frames now.
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    Question: did anyone try to review the patches HP did to gstreamer, it's plugins and gst-ffmpeg to include AVI as well as MKV and whatever container format it should support and recompile it?

    TouchPlayer etc. nice and all, but all they do is playing local files. It can't be that in (almost) 2012 we can't stream using DLNA/uPnP server because MP4 is the only container included by HP. And Serviio (my choice of DLNA server) doesn't transcode to MP4 because there's a restriction by ffmpeg as it seems.

    IMHO the proper solution would to "fix" the TouchPad's media codecs base so that everyone could use their choice of players (TouchPlayer), KalemSoft, uPnP Player etc.) That's one of the benefits of having a proper Linux kernel and system packages base.

    Compiling codecs directly into a media player is, in my eyes, a workaround. The media player of choice should always respect system-wide installed codes too.

    Somebody mentioned in an old thread that he changed said gst-plugins with those from Debian Lenny and was able to play WMA using stock media player, albeit with some tricks. So it should be possible, as HP has published gstreamer source used as well as their patches. Is the typefinder restriction still applicable? I only had a quick glance at the sources.
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