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    I recently created a new Amazon Seller account, and listed both my TouchPad and its case, as my first items.
    I got plenty of questions about both, and replied to each in kind.

    Anyway, this morning, I recieved emails from Amazon saying both had been sold, so I packed them both ready to dispatch tomorrow.

    I noticed something slightly odd, as the email about the touchpad had a delivery address, but the case did not. I logged into the seller account and saw that the case was showing up as sold while the touchpad appeared to still be listed.

    I rechecked both emails and noticed that the Touchpad email had a couple of extra lines, as displayed in my attachment to this post.

    Aside from the bad grammar(although I'm one to talk), the email contradicts itself, as you can see. At one point saying, essentially 'send your postage details before you get paid', and the next saying 'dont send postage details until you recieve funds'.

    Although the name of the sender for both was Amazon, the actual nitty gritty email add was different.

    Alarm bells ringing load and clear by now, as you can imagine.

    I actually have the TouchPad wrapped up and ready to send. It gives me shivers to think that I almost gave it to a conman. This is the first time in all the years of using the net that ive been targeted by someone, I know I was naive to not check and recheck, and it didnt help that I am new to selling on Amazon, but its actually pretty scary to think what almost happened.

    So, I've taken this as a sign that I should keep hold of the trusty old girl and not sell the touchpad.

    I have emailed Amazon about this and will also call them in the morning.
    If anyone needs info about the email or anything else if you are worried, hit me up and I'll give any info you need
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