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    I purchased a TouchPad in late June (preordered) without having actually touched one or seen much in the way of demos. All seems to be fairly good, with the exception of an issue that I have with the browser. I am trying to log into the database application at our university, and can get into the controlling application, but once I get far enough, it starts just loading blank pages. Initially, the support people pointed at iFrames implementation as a potential issue, but that doesn't seem to be the real problem. A test case that they put together to try to show accessibility is located here:
    Using any browser at all on a pc I have no trouble loading this up, but on the TouchPad, I can't get to it. If anyone is a genius with regard to browser issues like this (my standards for "genius" are that you have some way to get it to work) I would LOVE to hear from you. Apparently if you can browse to this page, and tell me how you got it to actually work, it will greatly help out our developers. Let me know if you have questions about this and I'll try to answer.
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    It appears that I either was confusing in my description, or that nobody has had any success in accessing that url. Thanks to all who at least looked at it.
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    doesnt work for me on my touchpad
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    Do you have an Ad Blocker installed? Maybe it's somehow blocking it.
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    No, I've just got the stock browser in place, with the pop-up blocker disabled. Everything else is enabled....
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    using chromium on ubuntu, I got Mississippi State University in red letters on top left. There is a tutorial thread on how to install ubuntu on the TouchPad.

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