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    keep an eye on CDW's website

    apparently what happened yesterday was a ton of brokers from the southern US ordering blocks of 150 touchpads and having them shipped to the north-east
    The CDW fraud system is weeding those out and they will be cancelled, returning them to stock.

    They have been pulled from the system for mow, but might be in the system later in the week.

    Good luck and more news as it gets passed to me
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    My brother in law had his order cancelled. Hopefully they reinstate it or something. Obviously he wasnt one of the people mentioned above
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    I doubt they'd be reinstating orders.

    I'm betting they will try to quietly try to add the part numbers back in and try to avoid yesterdays fiasco that killed their website and order taking system

    but if I get any inside news I'll share it
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    Some Google-foo turns up the most likely URLs for TouchPads here. I returned my Launch Day TP to BestBuy and got an iPad and am now kicking myself, so if somebody wants to buy me one, I won't say no.

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