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    in for 3 units....
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    Quote Originally Posted by harrybananas View Post
    Top of order status reads:

    HP order receipt
    Your order is being processed.
    A customer representative may be contacting you to confirm the details of your order.
    That's what I got, too. It says I ordered at 4:58 p.m., which is impossible, of course, since it ain't even 2:00 Eastern yet.

    I really wanted a 32, but I'm sick of the whole precess.
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    No email confirmation either. My order time also said something totally wrong like 5:10pm.

    I want my email confirmation damn it.
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    It can't be a scam. It's HP site, and I want to be scammed by HP. They may take order but will cancel or only ship when available.
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    I hope this goes through.

    My bosses boss found out about the firesale today, and was trying to rub it in my face (jokingly) about how I paid to much. I told him that I got one for $150 on Friday night, and will either be returning my old expensive one to Amazon, or getting the difference refunded hopefully.

    Then I saw this thread and told him and a few others about this HP site, before you knew it we had 5 different people order them and a few others try before the site was removed. One of the managers came up to me goes, "So what did I just order?" lol.

    My boss called HP and they said there was a 50/50 shot of this going through because the demand is so high they don't know how many of the orders the will be able to fulfill.

    Thanks for the link.
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