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    I'm curious about changing my user-agent-string on the touchpad to mirror an IPAD or perhaps an android device. I know there were patches to do this on the palm pre, but I haven't seen anything for the Touchpad. I'd like to do this to access some web content etc that is not loading due to the touchpad being unrecognized as a tablet by the website (I get the whole, "come back with an IPAD and we'll talk").

    I spent all morning screwing around with a patch trying to do it myself, but I'm a bit outside of my element doing so and cannot actually figure out where exactly the touchpad stores the user agent string in the first place.

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    Yea I'd like to access some touchpad oriented sites. As I recall there was a patch for the pre that made it look like an iphone
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    I'd also like to know if there's a way to do this.
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    i wonder if about:debug works like it does on android.. lol
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    To update my initial post here - I actually attempted it.

    I went through the trouble of modifying the patch to change my user agent, and it totally borked up the app catalog etc.

    So, in short, it's not a good idea to do this at the present time. I'll wait on a better dev to perhaps come up with a solution.
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    Someone in the iPhone User Agent Spoof thread mentioned App Catalog problems, too. I successfully got my TouchPad masquerading as an iPad without (as far as I can tell) causing any App Catalog issues. But it wasn't a resounding success, because touch scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, etc. don't seem to be working properly on any sites. See my post here for more details.

    Based on my experiences, I'm not sure if simply changing the user agent string to imitate the iPad or another tablet will be enough to get us working tablet-optimized sites. But I'm hoping someone else will have better ideas about my problems.

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