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    Howdy peeps,
    I'm currently getting some sun on my lardy *** in Portugal at the moment which mean one internet experience every 2 weeks - I missed the hp announcement until now... So:

    1/ *** happened? Hp have stopped producing webos devices right? Where does that leave me with my overpriced unit?
    2/ can I get a refund from hp considering the price I paid for my tp 3 weeks before this announcement?
    3/ where does that leave the OS? Can I expect any more updates? Will this mean that the apps get canned too - who is going to want to dev apps with only a limited number of devices and none in the pipeline?

    I love my tp and brashly showed it off around the office to workmates (who were impressed too) saying that this thing is going to be great.. Purchased multiple touchstones, got the case and set myself in for the full ride on a touchpad and webos - Days later it comes crashing down. Am I left with a 499 video player?

    At the moment I feel like I have been done up the wrong 'un by HP without the common courtesy of a reach around.
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    1) HP decided to stop working on the hardware aspect of WEB OS causing a massive firesale selling off the remaining stock at redicuosly low prices causing chaos and making many sites sell out thousand in minutes and causing major sites to crash in seconds.

    2) You can get a refund for your TP by going back to where you bought it if you still have the receipt, as long as it wasn't NewEgg. They are not honoring the price drop yet for anyone, even the early adoptors.

    3) The OS is hopefully still alive but there are rumors going every way. A top official from HP said Web OS will continue( I can't remember his name, sorry) But there are many different rumors like HP will now license out the software to people like HTC and Samsung. Or that someone will buy the OS all together, there is alot of interest in it right now so I am betting one of those two will be correct.

    Then there are thoughts of it maybe going to be open source which I believe is unlikely, HP paid alot of money and would probably let it die before opening up the source, which is another rumor, that HP will just let it die..
    All in all I hope it gets picked up fast or becomes open source. I love WEB OS too much to watch it die. I just really wish Netflix supported it..

    I hope i helped to answer your questions in theis quick summary of what I have gathered on the internet. I will try to answer any other questions also.
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